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Who are WE?

WE are a team of highly experienced professionals with strong consultancy and IT skills gathered in multinational companies (IBM, HP, Oracle, Orange, SAS Institute, OMV-Petrom, Vodafone).


We are focused on the development of fully customized DataWarehouse and Business Intelligence Solutions to fulfill the customer’s requirements and needs. 


Besides the IT solutions, we can design the software and hardware architecture that fits the best your requirements; by the partnerships that we have with the world leaders in production of hardware equipment and software products, we can ensure the delivery of products/equipments at competitive prices and advantageous conditions.


WE are skilled in the following fields: Subject Matter Expert, Business Analysis, Solution Architect, Technical Architect, Data Modeler, Project Management, Risk Management, Quality Assurance, Senior Developers, Technical Experts ( Data Integration, Data Quality, Data Reporting, Information Management, Information Analysis, Data Modelling, Performance Management) Testing Engineer, Trainer.

WE are focused on developing long term partnerships with our clients, going beyond a client-supplier relationship; WE want to become your reliable consultant.


WHAT can WE do for your organization?

„We have terabytes of data but where is the requested information?”

“How can we unlock the information that is trapped between silos of applications scattered throughout the enterprise?”
“How can I predict tomorrow’s results?”

Do these questions sound familiar to you but you have no answer yet? There is a possible answer: Business Intelligence. And WE can develop such a solution for you.

Business Intelligence helps organizations turn data into useful and meaningful information and then distribute it to those who need it, when and where needed, so timely and better informed decisions can be made.

A comprehensive Business Intelligence initiative is the best method for companies to access, organize, analyze, navigate and share information inside the company in order to support the decision making process and in order to optimize the corporate performance. BI allows companies to include data from a variety of sources so as to have an integrated, up to date view upon its performances.

Successful Business Intelligence (BI) initiatives involve more than simply delivering a Business Intelligence tool. We will help you choose the best tool for analysis and planning, for the solution implementation, for the training of your specialists and we will offer you ongoing support. The fact that BION Team could cover all the major solutions from the market and that it is independent from the IT technologies point of view makes it be regarded as consequential. We will recommend you the best solution or technology which fits your organization and IT environment.


Information Deliveryivrarea



Present information in context.

Consolidate information from a variety of sources into a single, easy-to-use interface, and present the information in the context where people need it most.

Collaboration and Search

Ensure the Commun Acces to Information

Connect employees to critical information, from multiple sources, in multiple structured and unstructured formats, set up in easy to organize graphical tools, in any location.

Managed Reporting

Creates and Shares Reports.

Empowers people to create, publish, and share their own business reports in a centralized, and secure environment, without requiring additional support from IT.


Visualize the Story behind the Data.

Connects and overlays Business Intelligence data in diagrams, helping people understand the processes and improve performance. Presents data in context rather than in static graphics and tables alone.


Track Business Performance in Context.

Scorecards can consolidate information from a variety of sources into a single, easy-to-use interface, and present the information in context, when and where decision makers need it most.


Query, Reporting and Analysis

Ad-hoc Analysis

Finding Answers Quickly and Easily.

Ad-hoc Analysis gives employees the possibility to create ad-hoc reports that deliver answers to critical business questions – even without having thorough technical knowledge or experience.

Production Reporting

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Enables employees to analyze workflows and identify areas that require improvements. Production reports can help employees determine the main cause of exceptions, and provides tools that predict future capacity.

OLAP Analysis

Store and Connect Information.

Performs ad-hoc queries and analyzes large amounts of complex data across all aspects of your business. OLAP functionalities may be used to improve reporting for sales, marketing, management reporting, business process management, budgeting and forecasting, financial reporting and similar areas.


Data Storage and Management


Data Warehousing

Store and Connect Information

Storing and connecting information is made in a secured way and thus the data analysis, extraction, transformation, and loading become easier processes. Employees will have to spend less time searching for the right data, and more time on higher value work and better decision making.

Ad-hoc Analysis

Rapidly Analyze Data across all Business Dimensions.

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) makes it quick and easy to perform ad-hoc queries and analysis on large amounts of complex data across all aspects of your business. Use OLAP functionality to improve reporting for sales, marketing, management reporting, business process management, budgeting and forecasting, financial reporting and similar areas.

Data Quality

Preserve Data Quality with Confidence.

Protect the high quality of your data with secure integration and tight interoperability across multiple data sources.

Data Mining

Find Useful Information in the Multitude of Data.

Data mining solutions allow people to go beyond simple data analysis to indentify hidden trends, problems or relationships between pieces of information. Once insights are extracted from patterns, clusters and trends, employees can better identify the main cause of problems and predict future results. outc

In WHAT areas of expertise are WE known?

WE have a consistent list of projects in which we have been involved (as personal professional involvement and/or as company), in most of the industries (public, banking, communication, oil, industrial and distribution) and in different countries.



Vodafone Romania: Data Warehouse and Reporting solution implementation (including Operational Data Store, Group Financial Reporting, Management Dashboards, Data Quality, Commissioning)

Vodafone Romania: Implementation of Data Mining solution

Orange Romania: Implementation of Data Warehouse and Executive Management Reporting solutions

Orange Romania: Implementation of Dealer Commissioning solution

BCR-Erste: Implementation of Cognos Reporting solution

BCR-Erste: Advisory on Cognos Reporting implementation

BCR-Erste: PoC on Network Management

BRD-Societe Generale: Implementation of Financial Dashboard and Data Mining solutions

Rompetrol: Implementation of Planning, Budgeting, Consolidation Business

Petrom-OMV: PIMMS data consolidation

Ministry of Education: Cloud Computing

Ministry of Communication: Cloud Computing

ANCPI/Land Registry: Implementation of a Data Warehouse and Reporting solution

Carrefour: Implementation of WorkForce Management solution

ANAF: Implementation of a PoC on Data Warehouse, Reporting and Prediction solution

ENEL: Reporting solution implementation

CEC Bank: Implementation of a Master Data Management and Data Consolidation solution

UniCreditTiriac Bank: BI Solution Migration and Knowledge Transfer; Delivery of Hardware and Software components

National Agency for Environment Protection (ANPM): Data Warehouse, Reporting Data Marts and OLAP Cubes

ING Bank:

Garanti Bank: DataWarehouse and Reporting Solution (PoC)

National Agency for Payments and Social Inspection: Reporting and Data Analysis Solution (PoC)

Romanian Naval Authority: Extending and modernizing the RO-SSN system

National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration: Consulting services for the development of information and correlation of cadastral information in the context of the INSPIRE Directive

Compania de Apa Olt: SCADA supervision and control system

Giurgiu County Council: Joint actions for managing emergency situations in case of hydro-meteorological events and water-pollution incidents "(JAMES)

Labour Inspection: Back-up solution, namely servers, storage devices and reading software packages for safety

BCR: Consulting Services using ORACLE and Cognos software

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development: Creating and implementing an Integrated System for Budget, Investment, Procurement and Contracts (SIBIAC)

National House of Pensions: Developing an integrated IT System

General Secretariat of Government: Integrated System for Policy Management

Dambovita County: Hardware and software infrastructure needed for the project or service development and implementation of Town Halls Activity Management Information System


MTel: Data Warehouse assessment

MTel: Implementation of Data Warehouse and Reporting solution


Telekom Srbija: Data Warehouse assessment

Telekom Srbija: Implementation of Data Warehouse and Reporting solution


T-Mobile: Data Warehouse implementation


Tele2: Enterprise Data Warehouse implementation


Slovak Telekom: Enterprise Data Warehouse implementation


France Telecom: Enterprise Data Warehouse implementation


T-Mobile Germany: Data Warehouse assessment; implementation advisory

T-Mobile International: Defining Enterprise Data Warehouse roadmap and solution requirements

United Arab Emirates:

Dubai Municipality: Data Warehouse and Statistics solution implementation

Emirates National Bank (NBD): Data Warehouse and Reporting assessment

ETISALAT UAE: Data Warehouse and BI solution implementation


ENI: implementation of Production Forecasting and Financial Reporting Solution

Italian Software House: Cross-platform Core Banking solution development

WHEN Business Intelligence?

The Competitive market… cost reduction pressure… increased performance expectations…flexibility…high volumes of data…high need of complex analysis… A Business Intelligence solution can help you define actions that help overcoming the challenges and offer you support within the decision process.
Business Intelligence (BI) is a broad category of application programs and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access to data from various data sources, thus providing enterprise users with reliable and timely information and analysis for improving the decision making process.
To put it simply, BI is an umbrella term that refers to the software applications that analyze an organization’s raw data for intelligent decision making, thus contributing to business success. BI as a discipline includes a number of related activities, including decision support, data mining, online analytical processing (OLAP), querying and reporting, statistical analysis and forecasting.


PFOR success YOU need Business Intelligence and WE can deliver it for you


Business Intelligence allows companies to gain business advantage from data. Once a company disposes of BI it can anticipate the enhanced response time on data collection, come up with new ideas for business initiatives, foresee an accurate image of customer needs and demands, and perform more targeted marketing campaigns.
In addition, it will gain enhanced knowledge that will help promote its brand into the top slot in terms of market share, cut down the general costs, and also diminish delays in supply chain, among other advantages. Decisions purely based on instincts cannot ensure success, but in BI, where the decision-making is based on facts, success is ensured. Furthermore, BI makes a company agile, thereby giving it a competitive edge in today’s evolving market condition.


HOW to find the best BI solution for your organization?


All organizations are different - that’s a fact - and furthermore, as BI software solutions become more and more sophisticated, metrics, KPI and IRP are becoming more and more spread from the overall company’s goals to the personal employee evaluations. The need to be able to structure, isolate and calculate different aspects is becoming increasingly important. Many questions arise when you want to start putting some order among the chaos of all the reports available within your company.

Some of the main questions may include:

• What should one look for when calculating overall organization profitability?
• Why should you calculate departmental profitability?
• How to figure out your customer profitability?
• When should you calculate your project profitability?
• Who should be taken into account when calculating profitability per person?
These are only few questions and we are sure that you have many more but the point is how, when, who and where to start the implementation of such a state of art tool?
We will be pleased and honoured to assist you when these questions will rise in your company.


Indeed, need?

It should be clear by now that BI is important and that it's time for organizations to take the necessary steps in making it available to all employees who need to access rapidly the information and analyze it. Products on today’s market are evolving, changing faster, and cost less than in the past. BI can be delivered using different software technologies and on demand over the Internet in the form of software as a service. Also, expectations have evolved: Users want? Indeed, need? Do they want BI to do more than in the past, such as processing business events and adding geographic context to information? BI involves collaboration and provides guidance on actions, objectives and plans. These and other activities turn BI into a performance management.
In order to move in the direction of a more strategic BI, organizations must manage more effectively the data so as to make sure that the information they disseminate is of high quality and subject to careful governance. This also means having fast, best performing data warehouse to support business intelligence where needed throughout the company. And do not forget that effective BI requires executive leadership, and those responsible with its availability will have to develop or embrace the best practices to avoid unnecessary costs and inefficiencies.
If you need to learn more about specific solutions and products, or if you are interested in finding more useful insights on BI and its technologies, please consider BION Team a reliable partner.

WHY can WE help YOU maximize your benefits?

VWe can help you increase the benefits and decrease the risks of a Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence project because:

- WE are technically independent; We have proved our experience on various tools, thus enabling a high flexibility on the selection of the technical approach:
- Data Integration, Data Management: IBM InfoSphere, Informatics, Microsoft Integration Services, SAS Data Integration
- Data Bases: DB2, Oracle, SAS, Microsoft, Teradata
- Reporting: Business Objects, Cognos, Microsoft Reporting Services, OBIEE
- Business Intelligence: TM1, SAS Business Intelligence, SPSS, Chordiant, Cognos Planning, SAS Enterprise Miner, Microsoft Analysis Services, Microsoft Dynamics
- IT Operations management: IBM Tivoli, HP BTO
- Cloud Computing

- WE can implement a Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solution on your technical environment or we can select for you the tools that will be the most appropriate to fulfill your requirements.
- WE have a good understanding of various industries and of the challanges that they are facing.
- WE can cover all the roles and responsibilities within a project.
- WE can perform all the activities within a project, from assessing the current situation to support and maintenance.
- WE are familiar with the multinational and multicultural environments.
- WE are flexible and WE can adapt our methodologies and approach in order to achieve the best results.
- WE can implement a Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solution in our technical environment or WE can provide you with the appropriate tools in order to meet your requests.
- WE are aware of the existence of several industries and of the challenges that they face.
- WE can secure all the roles and responsibilities in a project.
- WE can carry out all the activities that are part of a project, from analyzing its current stage to supplying support and maintenance.
- WE are familiar with the multinational and multicultural environments.
- WE are flexible and WE can adjust our methodologies and approaches in order to get the best results.

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